Games by age:

Games for Kids 0-2 Years

Open, Shut Them

This musical game is wonderful for exploring and reviewing opposites. Kids will learn a new set of opposite pairs, gestures, and facial expressions.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

This classic children’s song is a great activity for little kids. Kids will learn parts-of-the-body vocabulary and have fun.

The Wheels on the Bus

1 or more people

It’s the classic kids song, “The Wheels On The Bus”. Children will pretend to ride in a bus along with a friendly bus driver and all of the passengers as the wheels go round and round!

If You’re Happy 

1 or more people

This classical kids’ activity focuses on emotions vocabulary and body language. Young learners can explore different emotions and learn how to express themselves.

One Little Finger

1 or more people

This simple song focuses on body-part vocabulary and encourages children to follow along and move to the beat.

Baby shark

1 or more people

This popular children’s song has fun movements that focus on family vocabulary.

Games for Kids 3-5 Years

Brain Break Activity “Move and Freeze”

Brain Break Activity “Red Light, Green Light”

Mother May I?

3 or more people

Red Rover?

6 or more people

What Time is it Mr. Fox? 

3 or more people

If you’re sick of playing tag, but your kids aren’t, might we suggest “What Time is it, Mr. or Mrs. Fox?”. It’s basically a game of tag that involves less running and adds counting practice.

An adult should start as Mr. Fox (you can put kids in charge once they get the hang of it) and organize everyone to stand side-by-side in a line.

Players yell out “What Time is it Mr. Fox (Mrs. Fox)?” and Mr. Fox (Mrs. Fox) yells out a time, e.g. “It’s 7 o’clock!” and the kids take that many steps forward.

The kids must continue to take steps forward based on the time called out even if it means they are super close to Mr. or Mrs. Fox.

This continues until Mr. Fox calls out “Lunch time!!” and the kids try to race back to the start line without getting tagged by Mr. Fox. Got tagged? That person is the next Mr. F

Duck, Duck, Goose!

4 or more people

All but one of the players sit in a circle facing the center. A player who does not sit in a circle is called a Goose.

The Goose walks in a circle and touches the head of each player with their hand, while saying the word “duck”.

At any moment, the Goose can touch the next player’s head and say the word “goose” instead of “duck”.

At the same time, the one who was just called a “goose” gets up and runs after the old Goose. The old Goose has to run around the circle so that the new goose does not tag them and takes their place in the circle.

     If the new goose tags the old one before they ran around the circle and took an empty seat, the new goose sits in its former place, and the old Goose continues the game. If the new “goose” has not caught up with the old Goose, the new “goose” leads.

Games for Kids 6-8 Years

Simon Says

2 or more people

Capture the Flag

6 or more people, “flags” (or some other items you hide) are needed


4 or more people, softball needed

Kick the Can

3 or more people, can or bucket needed


2 or more people

Hide and Go Seek

2 or more people

Games for Kids 9-10 Years

TV Tag 

4 or more people

Relay Race

10 or more people, 2 balls needed

Hospital Tag

5 or more people, a ball for each player is needed

Follow The Leader

5 or more people

Playground Olympics

4 or more people

Playground Games 

10 or more people, 2 balls needed