Taking Care of You and Your Child

The reality is that even preschool-age children will hear about major crisis events. What are some tips that can help you reduce your children’s worries? Click on Read More to find out.

Tips on Helping Your Child Feel Secure

A few simple things to do to help reduce your children’s worries.

You are not alone as you navigate a new normal

Helpful information and sites of psychological assistance

Psychological Support

Agencies and Organizations helping Ukrainian families in need

Relief Organizations

Helping Children Cope

Many children in Ukraine and in surrounding countries are in need of helpful resources to grow, learn, and play during difficult times. Clever Hedgehog’s library bookshelf, called “Helping Children Cope“, is full of storybooks for young children who are learning to cope with good and bad experiences in their childhood.

Clever Hedgehog hopes that these storybooks encourage children and teach them that they can grow through difficulties.

books helping kids cope with good or bad experiences
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Why Read With Your Child?

Reading aloud benefits children and you in many significant ways.

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Math is Fun!

Learn how to make math FUN and ENGAGING by turning it into PLAY!

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