Agencies and Organizations Helping Ukrainian Families in Need

Uniting for Ukraine

This organization connects Ukrainians seeking refuge in the United States and people who want to sponsor newcomers to help them rebuild their lives.


Brave Speaking Ukraine

A nonprofit organization to help Ukrainians in the war and reconstruction. Their donations extend what individual volunteers in Ukraine can do to serve critical needs in their country.

Call: +1 (617) 812 5747

“Your support” charity organization

Charitable Foundation “Your Support” is one of the largest foundations in Ukraine providing humanitarian aid.

Call: +38 (044) 321 09 00

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee

A non-profit organization that provides aid where the need is the greatest. They provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Argentina, and the U.S.

UUARC Headquarters in the USA: +1 (215) 728 1630
Kyiv Office: +38 (097) 5762 217

Voices of Children” Foundation

The goal of the Foundation is to help children maintain control over what is happening in their lives. The priority is the provision of psychosocial support and rehabilitation for children and families: meeting additional educational and recreational needs of children, children’s rights advocacy, assistance with evacuation and ensuring children’s access to a safe environment in communities, arranging new permanent or temporary housing, and meeting their basic needs.

Call: + 38 (080) 0210 106
+38 (095) 7856 069 (for messengers only)

“Joint Action for the Sake of Children” of the “Joint Action” platform

This group organizes free time for evacuee children aged 5 to 12 years. Located in the following Ukrainian cities: Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Lviv, Khmelnytskyi, Uzhhorod, Rivne, Lutsk, Vinnytsia.

All-Ukrainian School Online

The All-Ukrainian School Online is the platform for remote and mixed learning of students of grades 5-11 and the methodical support of teachers.

Ministry of Education in Ukraine

Call: +38 (044) 3210 900

EdEra for students

EdEra is an online education studio aiming to make online education in Ukraine high-quality and accessible. Their team creates online courses, special projects, interactive textbooks and educational blogs.

“Support the Child” Project

Psychological support for kids, games and developmental exercises, recommendations for parents, and inspiration for specialists.

Facebook page
Call: +38 (066) 2528 277

iCare Ukraine Foundation in Warsaw

An assistance center for refugees from Ukraine in Warsaw, where social and spiritual assistance is provided to all those in need.

Dom Ukrainski (Ukrainian House), Warsaw

Many educational projects, information, cultural events, and advocacy activities have been organized here to support migrants and refugees in Poland.

Hotline: +48 (727) 805 764

Polish Migration Forum Foundation

The Foundation specializes in support to foreigners (psychological, informational), and training. PFM supports migrant women in a special way. The Foundation provides free psychological assistance for children and adults, 6 days a week, in the center of Warsaw or online.

Psychological help: +48 (222) 552 202 General advice: +48 (221) 100 085

The Multicultural Center in Warsaw

The Warsaw Multicultural Center is a great solution not only for foreigners – it is a platform for the cooperation of many other organizations.


Helpline for migrants: +48 (505) 700 701

Jewish Relief Network Ukraine

Jewish Relief Network Ukraine is a boots-on-ground humanitarian aid organization that helps more than 50,000 each month with daily necessities and support.  With virtually no bureaucracy and minimal overhead, every dollar goes to help those in need.

Project Kesher Ukraine

Project Kesher is meeting the needs of women and girls in Ukraine as they face the current crisis and the fallout, including those who are displaced. The funds will follow the people in need.