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A safe, engaging, digital space for Ukrainian children and their parents to read books, play games, have fun, and much more!

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Welcome to Stories with Clever Hedgehog!

In solidarity with all Ukrainian families, we created this website with a wide selection of children’s ebooks and entertainment to help parents reduce children’s stress in these unprecedented times.

Everything is totally free and is available in Ukrainian and in English!

Pick out an ebook to read, music to listen to or sing along, learn interesting facts, draw pictures and get creative, plan new games with family or friends, follow our contests, and much more!

Let Clever Hedgehog become your new best friend!

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Meet Clever Hedgehog!

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Meet Clever Hedgehog! Click on him and he will say hello!
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Clever Hedgehog and his friends on Sesame Street invite you to learn and play!

Since February 2022, Sesame Workshop has been creating a growing number of Ukrainian language videos. Families resettling after conflict and coping with big challenges can use these resources for support.

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Check out these books on the “Helping Children Cope” Bookshelf

Good friends get mad sometimes book
Friendship Has No Borders
the worry be coping book for kids
"Read next how Petro lost his toy in "Petro and Marko" story
it's ok to feel sad, book on coping for kids

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Ukrainian Community Day hosted by Penn Live Arts  2024

Clever Hedgehog at Ukrainian Community Day event

We participated in Ukrainian Community Day celebrating Ukrainian-American artists, and highlighting the artistry and soul of Ukraine rich with cultural history.

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Hedgehog and hare fairy tale

A New Fairy Tale “Hedgehog and Hare “

Once upon a time, in a faraway forest, the King Grizzly Bear wanted to see who among the animals was the fastest. Let’s find together who the winner was.

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How to Talk With Kids About Tragedies

Organizations Helping Ukrainian Families

Find the list of Agencies and Organizations that provide help to Ukrainian families.

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Jacobs Foundation: Our Promise to Youth
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