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In solidarity with all Ukrainian families, we created this website with a wide selection of children’s ebooks and entertainment to help parents reduce children’s stress during these unprecedented times. Many of you now live in Ukraine, while others are in different parts of the world. But wherever you are, you will be able to use this site.

Stories with Clever Hedgehog is a safe, digital space of picture books, folktales, art, games, music, and fun activities in Ukrainian (and in English) for children from birth to about 10 years of age.

This website allows you to read books with your children. If your children are independent readers, then they can read on their own, too. You will also find many games, fun facts, childish news, music and art, funny contests, and many more activities to explore.

We hope you will visit Clever Hedgehog often and tell your friends about us. 

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Dr. Roberta Golinkoff portrait
Dr. Roberta Golinkoff, Project Director
Janelle Craig portrait
Janelle Craig Laboratory Manager – Child’s Play, Learning, and Development Lab
Yulia Skrypniuk portrait
Julia Skrypniuk Project Coordinator
Joe Naccarato portrait
Joe Naccarato, Web Developer
Olga Zhestkova
Olga Zhestkova, Web Manager
Holly Hartman portrait
Holly Hartman Director of Publishing at Unite for Literacy
Mark W.F. Condon portrait
Mark W.F. Condon Vice President of Unite for Literacy
Natalie McGuffee portrait
Natalie McGuffee Unite for Literacy Project Coordinator
Olena Smith portrait
Olena Smith, GISP Lead Geospatial Information Consultant

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Stories with Clever Hedgehog

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We are happy to announce that Stories with Clever Hedgehog has launched!

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“Stories with Clever Hedgehog” allows families all over the world to engage in shared reading with their children and promote children’s well-being.

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