Festive Hedgehog

Clever Hedgehog and his friends on Sesame Street invite you to have fun together!

Join Clever Hedgehog’s Sesame Friends to Watch, Play, and Learn

Early Learning Videos For Children

A playlist of hundreds of delightful videos on early math, science, health, and safety. Learn how to make friends and get along too.

Who is this for? Children ages 3-8

English: Click here | Ukrainian: Click here

Children’s Stories About Ukrainian Identity

A playlist of 5 documentary-style live-action films that address themes around positive Ukrainian identity through a child’s eyes.

Who is this for? Children ages 3-8

Ukrainian: Click here | (English CC available)

Sesame Street puppets

Resources For Caregivers

These resources serve as companion materials for the video assets to provide additional practice and codification of the learning objectives for a variety of implementation models.

Toolkit for Educators Sesame street

Toolkit for Educators

A toolkit that provides teachers and parents with step-by-step instructions for working and learning with materials and video series of the Sesame Street program for 2-6-year-old children.

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Parenting Packet Sesame street

Parenting Packet

A packet with activity ideas, video learning questions, and information on emotional support for caregivers of young children coping with displacement.

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Sesame Street puppets

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