Clever Hedgehog’s Library is an expansive collection of free, illustrated e-books created by authors worldwide to promote children’s learning in fun ways and support children’s development during difficult times. Ebooks are a great start to promote literacy in modern kids. It’s not the replacement of paper books, but an addition, something, you won’t find offline.  

Clever Hedgehog offers:

1. Family-friendly stories in Ukrainian for children from birth to 10 years old.  Narration is available in Ukrainian and English.

2. Books explore a wide range of topics to expand children’s knowledge and language skills.

3. Kids will like to use simple illustrated ebooks they can learn to read themselves or with parents.

4. Books in English and Ukrainian – a handy tool for learning and teaching kids the languages.

5. Easy to use and accessible worldwide via the Internet.

Book Reading Instructions

ebooks for kids- електронні книжки для дітей

Turn your mobile device to a Horizontal view for a better reading experience

Want to listen to Clever Hedgehog’s books offline? Have your parent help you download them from Clever Hedgehog’s Telegram channel.

The collection consists of books translated from Unite For Literacy website and books written by Ukrainian authors.

Hedgehog reading a book

Check out these books on the «Оповідання – Василь ГОРБАТЮК» Bookshelf In Ukrainian only

Синичка - Василь Горбатюк - оповідання для дітей
Ласощі для білочки - Василь Горбатюк - оповідання для дітей
не хочу-хочу Василь Горбатюк
Образа - Василь Горбатюк - оповідання для дітей

Check out these books on the “Helping Children Cope” Bookshelf

Good friends get mad sometimes book
Friendship Has No Borders
the worry be coping book for kids
"Read next how Petro lost his toy in "Petro and Marko" story
it's ok to feel sad, book on coping for kids

Other books from the book series “Ukrainian Culture”

"Ukrainian Pysanky. Magical World of Colors and Symbols" is a colorful book for kids about the core Ukrainian Ester tradition - special easter eggs - pysanky.
Easter in Ukraine book for kids

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