Mother’s Day – A Day To Make Your Mom Feel Special

Are you ready to celebrate the most special person in the world – your mom?

This Sunday, May 12, 2024, will be extra special for us. It’s Mother’s Day

Our mothers deserve to be loved throughout the year, but Mother’s Day is the time to show how their love and effort are special to us with family activities and gifts.

Clever Hedgehog wants to say a big “hooray” to all the moms who are always there for their kids.

On Mother’s Day, family members make sure their mother feels special and surprise her with gifts, take her out for dinner, or even cook for her at home.

Mother’s Day in Ukraine

A few years ago, Ukraine joined countries where this holiday is celebrated. Mother’s Day in Ukraine is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.

Valentine's Day Cards

Finding a Mother’s Day surprise can be difficult.

Clever Hedgehog has some gift ideas for children to make Mother’s Day extra special

Hand-made Mother’s Day card

Hand-made cards are among the best gifts you can offer your mother this day.

Coloring page for kids, Stories with Clever Hedgehog, Happy spring coloring page, a gift to my mom
More Coloring Pages Here


You may not see your mom eating sweets often, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it. You can surprise her with chocolates in this cute trinket box.

Flowers for your mom

Add colors to the Mother’s Day celebrations by getting your mom flowers she loves or making one yourself! 

You will need: scissors, construction paper, and glue. Follow the instructions from this video

Sing a song for your mom 

Your mom will love to hear you sing this lovely Ukrainian song!

Make your Mom smile

Laughing is a sign of happiness. Tell your mom some funny jokes to make her laugh!

If you or your mom know the Ukrainian language – Find jokes in a NEW BOOK with jokes for kids

Tell your mom some fun facts about Mother’s Day, like this one:

Did you know that there are lots and lots of moms in the world, about 2 billion of them? In the U.S., there are about 85.4 million moms.

More Fun Facts about Mother’s Day

A NEW CONTEST – Tell us why your mom is special!

Take a photo with your mom or capture a special moment you shared. Get creative! You can dress up, make funny faces, or show off your favorite activity with Mom!

Contest Rules

🏆 The top 3 winners will receive a diploma and a special prize! 

🌟 Send your photo to us at with your name, age, and a story of why your mom is the best!

Remember! – You can only send us pictures or videos with you. By sending us your photo, you agree to let Clever Hedgehog share it on our website and social media (with a parent/guardian permission).

Clever Hedgehog wants to congratulate the moms of Clever Hedgehog’s team. You are great!

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Roberta Golinkoff

In addition to her groundbreaking research and esteemed career as a professor, Dr. Roberta Golinkoff is a caring mother. Her commitment to making a difference in the lives of Ukrainian children affected by the war reflects her compassionate and empathetic nature as both a mother and a renowned scholar.

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Alisa Moldavanova

While Alisa is known for her expertise and leadership in academia, she is also admired for her role as a mother. Despite her busy schedule, she prioritizes her family and is deeply committed to their well-being.

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Olena Smith

In addition to her professional achievements and contributions to the University of Delaware’s Geospatial Research community, Olena is also a dedicated mother. Born and raised in Ukraine, she brings values of hard work, community engagement, and a rich cultural background to her family life.

The Enormous Turnip Fairy Tales Stories with Clever Hedgehog репка

Olga Zhestkova

In addition to her expertise as a web specialist, Olga is also a loving mother. Olga always makes time for her family. Originally from Ukraine and now residing in Boston, MA, ensuring her daughter stays connected to Ukrainian roots and heritage.

Clever Hedgehog has some gift ideas for children to make Mother's Day extra special

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