Mother’s Day is a special day when people worldwide celebrate their moms. But did you know that different countries celebrate it on different dates?

In countries of the Middle East, Mother’s Day is on March 21, which is the spring equinox (when day and night are equal in length) and also the first day of spring.

The proverbial “first word” of an infant often sounds like “ma” or “mama”. This strong association of that sound with “mother” has persisted in nearly every language on earth, countering the natural localization of language.

There are two holidays for moms in Armenia: “Mother’s Day” and “Maternity and Beauty Day”.

In the United States, for Mother’s Day, people buy more flowers, cards, and other nice things than any other holiday.

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In Indonesia, Mother’s Day is in December, and they celebrate all women, not just moms.

In Finland, the president gives medals to special moms who have done something exceptional and positive during the year on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on the birthday of the Queen Mother of Thailand, Sirikit (12 August), and Father’s Day is celebrated on the late King’s birthday.

A few years ago, Ukraine joined countries where this holiday is celebrated. Mother’s Day in Ukraine is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.

Mothers in Numbers

2 billion

There are lots and lots of moms in the world, about 2 billion of them! In the U.S., there are about 85.4 million moms. 

4 babies

 Every second, 4 babies are born into the world, making families bigger and happier AND MAKING MANY NEW MOMS!! 

3 days

Mother’s Day is celebrated for three days in Ethiopia. Families enjoy a three-day feast called “Antrosht” and children bring ingredients for a traditional hash recipe to be cooked for this festival.

No matter where it’s celebrated, Mother’s Day is a time to show love and appreciation to moms everywhere!

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