Celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day with Clever Hedgehog

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This year on August 24, 2023, Ukraine celebrates its 32nd Independence Day!

Clever Hedgehog has a lot of fun activities for you and some interesting facts about this day. Let’s celebrate together!

1. The Independence Day of Ukraine was celebrated for the first time on July 16, 1991. The date was later moved to August 24.

2. A draft of the Act on the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine was written in a regular school notebook.

3. The text of the Act consisted of 93 words, was typed on a typewriter, and fit on one piece of paper.

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Your Bonus Gift – Printables for Kids

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Let’s travel to Ukraine

Watching this video you will learn about the symbols of Ukraine and its geography

New Coloring Pages to Celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day

Independence Day Ukraine coloring page for kids
Coloring page for kids, Stories with Clever Hedgehog
Coloring page for kids, Stories with Clever Hedgehog

Let’s Play

Clever Hedgehog made up a quiz about Ukrainian Independence Day

Have you ever tried this Ukrainian Traditional Food?

ukrainian borsch borscht український борщ

The national dish of Ukraine is borscht, the well-known beet soup, and there are many different kinds of it. 

ukrainian food varenyky pierogy вареники

Other favorite foods are varenyky (boiled dumplings similar to pierogies)

holubtsi cabbage roll Ukrainian food

Another common meal in traditional Ukrainian families and restaurants is holubtsi, a type of cabbage roll.

Watch how other kids try Ukrainian food!

Learn How Ukrainians Invented Borscht

Video in Ukrainian with English subtitles

Let’s Read Kids’ Favorite Story – “The Enormous Turnip”

“The Enormous Turnip” is available in our library for your family to enjoy.

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