Did you know that the first Ukrainian Independence Day was celebrated on July 16, but now we celebrate on August 24?

The decision to announce Ukraine’s independence was made by its citizens during an event called the “All-Ukrainian referendum”. In all 27 regions of Ukraine, people said “YES!”.

The text of the Act consisted of 93 words, was typed on a typewriter, and fit on one piece of paper.

Leonid Kravchuk became the first president of independent Ukraine.

A draft of the Act on the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine was written in a regular school notebook.

The greatest support for Ukraine’s independence was in Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Lviv regions, followed by Cherkasy, Khmelnytskyi, and Volyn.

Poland was the first country to congratulate Ukraine on becoming an Independent country.

The document on Ukraine’s independence has inscriptions left by people who signed it: “Glory to Ukraine”, “Ukraine has not died and will not die”, and “From today – let’s be”.

Ukrainian Independence Day is also celebrated all around the world because Ukrainians live in many different countries.

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Download Free Printables for Kids. Ukrainian Independence Day Fun Activities for Kids

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Did you know?

The song loved by all Ukrainians  – “Oy u Luzi Chervona Kalyna” was the first song performed soon after the Independence was proclaimed on August 24, 1991.

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Ukraine is the largest country on the continent of Europe. Its area is ​​603,628 square kilometers.

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