Ukraine is the largest country on the continent of Europe. Its area is 603 628 km2 (233,062 sq mi)

Do you know what Ukraine’s flag 🇺🇦 represents? Blue skies over fields of grain🌾!

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine 🇺🇦. 

The Ukrainian language is ancient! The oldest mention of it was in the year 858. 

The Ukrainian language took second place in the world in terms of melody 🎶 after Italian.

The first day of school in Ukraine starts on September, 1st and is called “Knowledge Day🎓”. This holiday has many traditions and is celebrated by kids, parents, and teachers!

The center of Europe is located in the Ukrainian city of Rakhiv.

The third most visited McDonald’s 🍔 in the world is in Kyiv, near the central railway station. This restaurant is among the top five busiest McDonald’s in the world.

The Kherson region, Ukraine can be proud to locate one of the largest deserts in Europe!  It covers an area of ​​210,000 hectares (or 518,921 acres). Which is roughly the size of 215,000 football fields.

Guess which European country keeps the largest amount of salt? Ukraine🇺🇦! 

Ukraine in Numbers

~ 44 million

Guess how many people 👤 lived in Ukraine 🇺🇦 before February 2022? Over 44 million. 

105.5 meters

“Arsenalna” metro station in Kyiv is the deepest station in the world – 105.5 meters (346 ft) below ground!

1.2 km

Khreshchatyk Street in Kyiv is the shortest main street in the world. Can you guess its length? It is 1.2 kilometers (0.75 miles)!

Did you know?

A story about wonderful Ukraine

On October 28, 2015, Australian artist Guido Van Helten painted a monumental mural of a girl in an embroidered dress on the facade of building 36-B on Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard In Kyiv. This is the artist’s largest work not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

The first book published in Ukraine was “Bukvar” (a book with an alphabet) printed in Lviv in 1574 by Ivan Fedorov, the first printer. Only one copy, which was found in 1927 in Rome, has survived to our days. Currently stored in the library of Harvard University (USA).

The most used letter in the Ukrainian alphabet is “p” (п). The largest number of words begin with this letter. The least used letter of the Ukrainian alphabet is “f, ph” (ф). Words that begin with this letter are mostly borrowed from other languages.

Most often, the word “hand 👋” is used among nouns, “to be” among verbs, “great 👍” among adjectives, and “he 👤” among pronouns. Words like “eggplant 🍆”, “radio player 📻”, and “squirrel 🐿️” are rarely used in Ukrainian!

More Fun Facts about Ukraine

The Largest Wind Instrument in the World

The Ukrainian trembita is the largest wind instrument in the world. Its length can reach 4 meters (4,4 yards). It could be heard more than 10 kilometers (6 miles) away!

How Many Times did you Watch “Home Alone”?

Did you notice the song “Shchedryk” in it? It is one of the most famous Christmas 🎄carols in the whole world!! Now you know that it is a folk song written by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych. 

Ludwig Van Beethoven and His Symphonies

The famous Austrian composer Ludwig van Beethoven dedicated Symphony No. 5 and Symphony No.6  🎻to the Ukrainian friend Andriy Rozumkovskiy. Andriy Rozumovsky was a great friend of Beethoven.

A Dinosaur 🦕 from Crimea

Do you know the name of a dinosaur 🦕 found in Crimea? It is a Riabininohadros. 

The Oldest Oak Tree

The oldest tree 🌳 in Ukraine is considered to be a 1,300-year-old oak in the Yuzefin tract of the Rivne region. In order to hug him – you need 7 adults.

Igor Sikorsky Helicopter 🚁

Ukrainian aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky helped invent the helicopter🚁 and new planes. 

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