Vasyl Gorbatyuk, Ukrainian Author Who Writes for Kids

Exciting Announcement: New Books by Vasyl Gorbatyuk!

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We are thrilled to announce a special addition to our website’s book collection, thanks to an exclusive cooperation with the renowned Ukrainian author, Vasyl Gorbatyuk. Dive into the captivating childhood stories created by Vasyl Gorbatyuk, whose storytelling talent has enchanted readers of all ages.

Why You’ll Love These Books:

Authentic: Each book offers a glimpse into the world of kids, described in beautiful Ukrainian language.

Engaging Storylines: Gorbatyuk’s storytelling is known for its unique observation of the lives of children.


Let’s add these cute short stories to your children’s memory collection!

Синичка - Василь Горбатюк - оповідання для дітей
Ласощі для білочки - Василь Горбатюк - оповідання для дітей
не хочу-хочу Василь Горбатюк
Образа - Василь Горбатюк - оповідання для дітей

Exclusive Access: These titles are available exclusively on our website, providing a unique reading experience.


Vasyl Horbatyuk was born on January 1, 1956, in the village of Hnativtsy, Khmelnytskyi region of Ukraine.
After studying at the philological faculty of the Kamianets-Podilskyi State Pedagogical Institute (1977-1981), he worked as a journalist. From 1990 to 2000, he was the editor of the Khmelnytskyi regional youth newspaper “Rovesnyk”, and an executive secretary of the regional organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine from 2000 to 2005. Since March 1, 2006, he has been the Head of the Khmelnytskyi Regional Literary Museum.

Vasyl Horbatyuk is a winner of many literary awards in Ukraine. He has been a member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine since 1984.