Clever Hedgehog on International Children’s Day – June 1

Today is the first day of summer!

June 1 is also International Children’s Day, a day that aims to show how important it is to protect kids from harm and make their lives better everywhere in the world.

As of 2024, there are approximately 2.2 billion children in the world. Unfortunately, not all kids have safe, healthy, and happy lives. Some even have no food to eat, not saying toys or books! About 2 million Ukrainian children have had to flee their homes due to war since February 2022. Many Ukrainian families still live in different parts of the world, while others are staying in Ukraine. 

Clever Hedgehog hopes all kids will be safe and happy, no matter what. Keep dreaming big and never stop being curious and kind!


New Entertaining Short Stories in Ukrainian for Children

Синичка - Василь Горбатюк - оповідання для дітей
Ласощі для білочки - Василь Горбатюк - оповідання для дітей
не хочу-хочу Василь Горбатюк
Образа - Василь Горбатюк - оповідання для дітей

Embark on exciting adventures

This week, Clever Hedgehog is traveling to Hong Kong! His flight is 14 hours… Hope he can make it!

Clever Hedgehog loves travelling!

What about you? Does your family have plans to travel this summer?

Take Clever Hedgehog with you. Use this cut-out to get your own traveling Clever Hedgehog picture.

Traveling Clever Hedgehog Cut-Out

Imagine your summer with new coloring pages and crafts

Coloring page for kids, Stories with Clever Hedgehog
Coloring page for kids, Stories with Clever Hedgehog
build your ice cream cut out

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Learn New Games

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Active Game “What Time is it Mr. Fox?” 

Read how to play “What Time is it Mr. Fox?”:

“What Time is it, Mr. or Mrs. Fox?” is basically a game of tag for 3 or more people that involves less running and adds counting practice. An adult should start as Mr. Fox (you can put kids in charge once they get the hang of it) and organize everyone to stand side-by-side in a line.

Players yell out “What Time is it Mr. Fox (Mrs. Fox)?” and Mr. Fox (Mrs. Fox) yells out a time, e.g. “It’s 7 o’clock!” and the kids take that many steps forward.

The kids must continue to take steps forward based on the time called out even if it means they are super close to Mr. or Mrs. Fox.

This continues until Mr. Fox calls out “Lunch time!!” and the kids try to race back to the start line without getting tagged by Mr. Fox. Got tagged? That person is the next Mr. Fox.

Hand Clapping Game 👏 “Double Double This That”

Read how to play “Double Double This That”:

All you need is a partner.

So once you’ve found your partner, sit down, facing them.

All you need to know is three motions: The first one is “double” – you clap both hands.

The second one is “this” – you face your partner and hit their palms.

The third one is “that” – with the back of your hand you’re going to hit the back of your partner’s hands.

So it’s going to be: Next time try it a little faster. Then try really fast.

Double, double, this, this  
Double, double, this, this
Double, this, double, that
Double, double, this, that

Next time try it a little faster.

Then try really fast.

Game “Funny Script”

This is a “paper telephone game’ variation

Let’s Read A Book “Here Comes Summer”

Turn your mobile device to a Horizontal view for a better reading experience

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Tell Clever Hedgehog what your favorite thing is about being a kid!

Have your parent nearby and email us at with what your favorite thing about being a kid. You may be featured on Clever Hedgehog’s website!

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