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Some parents say to their children: “You are the light of my life.” But did you know that if you were light, you would fly around the entire globe 7.5 times per second?

If you became sound, you could fly around the Earth in 4 hours! If we lived on Jupiter, our day would consist of only 9 hours.

These are just a few interesting scientific facts that can interest both an inquisitive child and an adult.

Fun Facts about Space

Fun Facts 

Can you sneeze with your eyes 👀 open?  NO!

Hedgehogs 🦔 are lactose intolerant!

An octopus has ❤️❤️❤️ hearts

Octopi have blue blood

The opposite sides of TWO? Dice always adds up to 7 – try it!

A crocodile🐊 cannot stick its tongue out.

Potatoes were the first vegetable to be grown in space!

53 is the maximum number of muscles that can be involved in a smile 😁.

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1. Do you know the name of a dinosaur 🦕 found in Crimea? Riabininohadros 
2. The first day of school in Ukraine is called “The Day of Knowledge”. It is a national holiday with many traditions!
3. Do you know what Ukraine’s flag 🇺🇦 represents? Blue skies over fields of grain!

Interesting Facts about Ukraine

Ukrainian trembita

The Ukrainian trembita is the largest wind instrument 🎼 in the world. Its length can reach 4 meters. Would you like to blow into it sometime? It could be heard more than 10 kilometers away!

“Singing” sands in Ukraine

In Ukraine, you can hear the sands “singing”! Yes, and I am not kidding!  Among the sand spit on one of the branches of the Dnipro, near the Lapinka River near Nikopol, you can see a natural phenomenon called singing sands.