Some plants can survive for decades without water. The Joshua tree can go up to 2 years without water.

Like humans, plants recognize other plants 🪴of their species.

The oldest plants on Earth are seaweeds.

The least nutritious vegetable is a cucumber.

The first plant that blossomed and produced seeds in space in the absence of gravity was Arabidopsis.

Potatoes 🥔 were the first vegetable to be grown in space!

The most nutritious fruit in the world is avocado.

The largest water lily was recorded in the Amazon River.

The smallest flower in the world is duckweed.

Plants in Numbers

80 000

In total, there are more than 80,000 edible plants 🌱 on Earth. And guess what? We eat about 30 of them.

4843 years old

The oldest tree in the world is the sequoia and it is located in the USA 🇺🇸 , in the state of California. Could you guess its age? It is 4,843 years old!!

66 average men

The height of the tallest tree in the world is around 113 метрів (or 371 feet)! It is like the height of 66 average men! It is also located in California, USA.

Fun Facts about the Earth

The Earth is home to an estimated 8.7 million species, although many more are yet to be discovered.

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