How do we incorporate play with math?

Math is one of the most important skills we can teach a child and it all starts with sparking a passion at a young age! Learn how to make math FUN and ENGAGING by turning it into PLAY!

1. Start early! Children’s early experiences with math at home sets the stage for later achievement in school.

2. Read books together. Picture books that involve counting and shapes are an easy way to start talking about math with young children.

3. Involve math in everyday routines. Count toys as you clean them up, the buttons on your child’s shirt, or the cars that drive by!

4. Integrate math talk with play. Parents and toddlers can use blocks to count, compare shapes and sizes, and learn about patterns.

6. Provide praise. Parental praise positively influences how children approach learning and hard problems in the future.

7. Be positive! Model a positive attitude towards math – this shows children that math is fun!

Thanks to Sarah H. Eason and Susan C. Levine at the University of Chicago for these great points!